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Note to my friends

If I do end up talking about religion here I will put stuff behind an lj cut because the last thing I would want to do is trigger any of my friends. Also I think I am going to make this lj friends only because I dont want trolls or spammers in here.
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I guess you left the community where I offered this...I thought I would drop it by here for you...

Thank you so much for doing that. Saved it and will credit, its beautiful. What community was that? I didnt think I left any but maybe I did by mistake.

I know she recently removed a lot of people who weren't don't know if you got swept in that or what...I really have NO idea! I just wanted to make sure you got your pretty!! :D I'm sure you can rejoin if you'd like!! :d
ah ok thats because we joined under our group journal dissociative and I knew we couldnt have 2 journals in the same community.

Thanks again I will upload it later today. :)